What to Do Before Your Career-Related Move

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Preparing for a job-related relocation can be a daunting experience, and it might be challenging to understand everything you need to do. Knowing how to select a location, when to call a professional, and what responsibilities you have when relocating can reduce the time, money, and stress involved in your move. Dana Lapointe of Xcellence Realty presents these tips that can help you prepare for a smooth and easy transition.


Choose a Good Location

According to MyMovingReviews.com, where to rent or purchase your new home is one of the most significant decisions you need to make. You might want to pick a location near your office to reduce your commute and add convenience to your day-to-day routine, but other factors are also worth considering. 


Housing costs, nearby shopping, and access to outdoor spaces can offer insight into the quality of life a neighborhood can offer. In addition, neighborhood crime rates and school information are worth considering if you have small children. Reach out to real estate pro Dana Lapointe of Xcellence Realty for all the information on the Tallahassee-area housing market.


Start Packing Early

Once you decide on a location compatible with your family's needs, take an inventory of what you plan to bring when you move. Consider selling or donating any items you no longer want or need so you don't carry unwanted items with you to your new home. Regardless of when you start packing, keep up with regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent a last-minute mess. 


Another idea is to skip grocery trips and clear out your kitchen cupboards by eating any food you don't plan on taking with you. The Moving Blog notes that reducing shopping trips in the weeks leading up to your move helps save on food costs, reduces waste, and gives you more free time to complete other tasks.


Consider Professional Assistance

Moving an entire household is a considerable undertaking, but there are professional services that can help. Consider hiring a moving company, especially if you have a lot of belongings or heavy, hard-to-move furniture pieces. You can also find out if your company provides relocation assistance and how to take advantage of it.


By recruiting professionals, you can reserve more time and energy for self-care. Burnout makes it hard to stay focused and increases the likelihood of tasks slipping through the cracks. Setting aside time for yourself to exercise, engage in hobbies, or relax is vital as you manage your responsibilities.


Take Care of the Tedious Tasks

To ensure your relocation goes smoothly, complete these tasks ahead of time, which can allow you to get back to business as quickly as possible after your move:

As a general rule, you should complete these tasks at least two to three weeks before your move to avoid any hassle or inconvenience.


If you plan to find new employment, check job boards, contact connections in your new city, and update your resume. Having an impressive resume helps you market yourself to prospective employers. A resume builder to get you into the job market quickly will have customizable online templates to personalize your information, colors, and images. This can increase your chances of landing the perfect job.


Moving to a new city for work is exciting, but it also requires work. Knowing what to look for in housing, getting an early start on packing, and completing necessary tasks allows you to enjoy the excitement of relocating without being overwhelmed.


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