Tips for Senior Vets Ready to Downsize

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Top-Notch Tips for Senior Veterans Ready to Deep Dive Into a Downsize

The decision to downsize isn’t something anyone takes lightly, but it’s definitely a decision that can lighten up your lifestyle. As a senior, it makes perfect sense to have less house so you can get more out of life, but it’s still a transition that can be pretty darn challenging. As a military veteran, there are programs that can help make the process a little easier. If you’ve come to the conclusion you’re ready to pare down, check out these resources from Dana Lapointe, real estate agent and veteran of the United States Army.


Familiarize Yourself with Financial Options

Even if you own your current home, it may have been a while since you’ve been through the home buying process. And your financial situation may be very different now than it was on your last closing day. Is it wise to drain your retirement fund for a new home? Maybe. But there may be other options.

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Especially for Those Who Served Our Country

There are numerous home and mortgage programs especially for our veterans. Be sure to explore all of your available resources, both for securing a mortgage and for making your home accessible, while sorting through your downsizing options.

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Get Your House Ready

Something else it might’ve been a while since you’ve done is deep cleaned and organized your home. This step is imperative to get market-ready. This is vastly different than a typical spring cleaning, and it might be necessary to purge a few of your cherished personal belongings.

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Hire Pros When You Need More Help

Your friends can take you part of the way, but volunteer assistance may not be enough. Plan to add a few professional services into your moving budget. This might be anything from cleaning to organizing to hands-on help come moving day.

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Downsizing is a terrific way to simplify your golden years. You can ease into the process by checking into financing options and special programs. Then you just have to prep your home for the market, getting help from the pros where you need it. With these tips in-hand, you’re ready to dive in!