How Home Security Affects Home Real Estate

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How Home Security Affects Home Real Estate: ‘Cool’ Features and Closing the Deal


It’s difficult to find much downside when it comes to adding a home security system. Home security technology makes it easier than ever to monitor your property and protect your family. Those, of course, are the key benefits but they aren’t the only ones. A modern security system probably adds resale value to your property, makes it considerably more attractive to young buyers, protects you from fire and carbon monoxide poisoning, keeps your family valuables safe, and reduces your homeowner insurance rates.

Real estate agents report that home security helps sell a house and may even increase the sales price. Whatever the effect, it’s clear that many home buyers like being able to monitor their property and belongings and love smart technology security features.

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Wireless capabilities

Wireless sensors and cameras have become so robust and reliable that they are as pervasive as any home security features on the market. Home invaders can’t simply cut the line and disable an entire system. GSM technology has made today’s security systems safe from such interference and secured them through cellular backup. It’s a technology that today’s homeowners are very comfortable with, as familiar as VoIP and mobile phone technology.

Smart technology

There’s definitely a “cool factor” in many of the smart technology features on the market today. Video surveillance technology has advanced to the point that powerful, full-color HD camera feeds can be secreted inside tiny devices that are virtually undetectable and external cameras, activated by motion sensors, allow you to zoom in and pan around via your smartphone, record footage automatically and upload it to the Cloud for storage and easy accessibility. 

If you’ve ever tried to remain perfectly quiet inside your home until a salesman gave up and went away, appreciate the value of a camera that shows you who’s at the front door and tells you when they’re gone. The Amazon Cloud Cam offers a 1080 pixel HD live feed with instant motion notification, and round-the-clock storage, all for just $120.

Home buyers are well schooled in this technology, and many are willing to pay more for a home that includes a smart home technology package, and even extra for both interior and exterior security cameras.

Other security features, like doorbells that send automatic text alerts, are valued just as highly. With some monitoring devices, you can actually address an intruder in real time, giving them a chance to leave before you call the police (definite cool factor). And smart lock systems can be integrated with most smart home platforms, allowing you to check whether your doors and windows are closed and locked. You can easily invest in individual components to assemble your own system, which is a great way to customize your system to meet your personal needs.

Tried and true security

Low-tech security is also an effective way to protect your home, so consider having a professional landscaping company plant some tall, concealing shrubbery in front of windows to discourage potential intruders. External lighting, activated by motion sensors, and locked gates are also effective security measures.

It’s uncertain whether home security features really do add appreciably to a home’s value, but many realtors are convinced that they encourage interested buyers to close a deal. Millennial buyers, who comprise an increasingly large section of the real estate market, are particularly interested in home security and smart technology, an important point for sellers.